We all go through different kinds of hectic schedules every day. These schedules broadly include our professional life; the source of our economic base. Some do this forcedly because of having no options to survive while some do this for both their interests and monetary purposes.

Apart from this, the thing every single person seeks through the whole of their life is to get some open space only for them which can give them the ultimate and proper freedom to express their creativity. The Sceneoetry community is the platform that is open for everyone to show their creativity.

The main motto of the Sceneoetry is to focus on the expressing of any visual scene around us. Because we believe in ‘hidden feelings of each and every scene around us.’ In this age of sophisticated technology, we often capture moments via camera because of different purposes & draw paintings.

The each and every visuals have some feelings. They also want to express something. The main aim of Sceneoetry is to extract those feelings. Although our main focus is on poetic expressions, we also believe on other medium of literary expressions such as story, short story, travel diary, conversation and so on. Our specialty is that we use photographs/ drawings/ illustrations/other artistic creation in every blog post to make our readers more connected with the subject of each writing. Thus artistic creations are our first priority.

Creativity: An open space to express yourself

Photohow-do-you-copyright-a-logo-design-copyright-logo-design-history-and-evolution-downloadCopyright: Debajit Ghosh

Photo Location: Limb, Maharashtra

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